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At Shadoka, Amulya Shankar is leading business development and strategic partnerships in the Asian region focusing on entrepreneurship, small business growth, venture capital, and private equity.


Amulya is a business development and marketing strategist and an entrepreneur who has over a decade of experience with technology product and service companies. She has experience in various domains such Banking and Financial, Healthcare, CPG, Insurance and has been deeply involved in closing business with large corporations such as Procter and Gamble, GE Capital and Neustar. She has been instrumental in setting up the mid-market internal sales business unit for a large Governance, Risk, Compliance technology company based in the Silicon Valley.


For the last few years, she has been focused on supporting Start-ups that are pre and post funding and helping them strategize and plan towards their business goals. She has helped accelerate their sales and marketing through innovative go-to market strategies. She is part of the startup ecosystems in the Bay area, London , Bangalore and works actively with founders, mentors and C level executives across diverse industries. She has established a network with some well known seed accelerators, Incubators, Innovation hubs and is working towards creating a seed support group for the emerging markets.


Amulya is an avid reader and traveller and enjoys taking part in social and animal welfare causes. She enjoys political discussions which prompted her in opting for political science and literature in her Bachelor’s. She additionally ran a support group for social causes called Hub for cubs.