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Cristiano Daolio started his career as an Auditor at Ernst & Young Group in 1995. Until 2009, at Ernst & Young, he had many international responsibilities including, Chief Financial Officer and Country Manager.


In 2010, Cristiano joined CROMSOURCE as a Country Manager and Director for international business entities. At CROMSOURCE, along with his other executive responsibilities, he has also led many successful mergers and acquisitions. He continues to serve CROMSOURCE as its Chief Strategy Officer.


In addition, as a management and innovation expert, Cristiano serves as a partner/director for several international businesses in Europe and Middle East. He also frequently speaks at international business conferences around the globe.


Cristiano received a bachelor’s degree in Business & Economics in 1994 and a master’s degree in International Management in 1995. He completed his executive education at the Harvard Business School in 2005 (“Driving Corporate Results”) and at the London Business School in 2007 (“Financing the Entrepreneurial Business”).