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We Accelerate Entrepreneurship and Small Businesses

Working with select business hubs, accelerators, incubators, and investment funds, we fuel entrepreneurship and small business growth by bringing together frameworks, digital platforms, and thought leadership.

Numerous studies shows that 8 out of 10 entrepreneurs who start businesses fail within the first 18 months. A whopping 80% startups and small businesses crash and burn. There are over 7,500 business incubators around the world. Most of them fail. 75% of venture-backed start-ups fail. According to Kauffman foundation, VC firm failure rate is over 99%.


Some of the key challenges include; i) creating capabilities to accurately assess entrepreneurial opportunities; ii) developing operational plans and teams for sustainable growth execution; and iii) monitoring and measuring ongoing challenges and successes.


We enable repeatable and scalable processes to engage, educate, evaluate, scale, and monitor small businesses and entrepreneurship programs.

Solution Example

For greater insight into our assets, read more about our platforms, published books, thought leadership, and watch more videos.

We Create Repeatable Capabilities

  • Assess business health

    Identify growth opportunities through on-going business health check and organizational capability needs

  • Create growth plans

    Co-develop strategic and financial plans to connect the dots between numbers and operations

  • Scale sales and revenue

    Enable repeatable sales, revenue and digital commerce

  • Analyze and manage

    Analyze and manage on-going business progress, performance and value

  • Evaluate and monitor

    Efficiently evaluate and monitor financing proposals and associated funding sources

  • Measure impact

    Perform impact measurement needed to rebalance the overall investment portfolio

Our Assets

  • Frameworks and Platforms

    They enable customers and partners with state-of-the-art and proven methodologies, platforms, and content as business services in a box for repeatable and measurable impact. They mobilize our customers and partners within days and weeks vs. months and years. Read More >

  • Books and Apps

    We have written a series of critically aclaimed leadership books and apps on entrepreneurship, creativity, innovation, management, resiliency, and growth hacking. Our most recent publications include Everything Connects (McGraw Hill), Survive to Thrive (Motivational Press), and Guide to Growth Hacking (Fast Company). Read More >

  • Thought Leadership

    We regularly contribute to Fast Company, Business Insider, LinkedIn Pulse, and Huffington Post. Our work has also appeared in the Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek, Mergers & Acquisitions, Fox, CBS, Financial Times, Forbes, Indian Management, tED Magazine, CFO Magazine, and Leadership Excellence among others. Read More >

Our Differentiation

We are entrepreneurs for the entrepreneurs where we have combined our passion with systemic thinking to fuel sustainable entrepreneurship.


Our integrated solutions are based upon deep domain knowledge and pre-packaged content to jump-start small business and entreprenuership programs; a flexible, device-independent, easy to use digital platforms; and innovative creative expertise under one offering for our customers and partners.