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Our Platforms and Apps

Our suite of products contain a collection of digital platforms, apps, and management frameworks.

Engage: for effective sales, marketing, and revenue management.

Navigate: for organizational evaluation, program execution, and investment monitoring. 

Market: for creation and management of specialized communities and marketplaces.


They enable customers and partners with state-of-the-art and proven methodologies, platforms, and content as business services in a box for repeatable and measurable impact. They mobilize our customers and partners within days and weeks vs. months and years.


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Platforms Provide

Our commercial, off the shelf, cloud based, and device independent digital platforms and apps provide:

Shadoka Engage enables effective sales, marketing, and revenue management.  It creates and manages campaigns, leads, and pipelines; product/service catalogues; proposals and invoices; and centralized dashboard for execution and tracking. 
Helps you sell by making the sales and marketing process integrated, and automated. Creates better customer experience.
Adapts as you evolve. Matches the scale of your business. Supports your long-range growth plans. 
Gives better visibility into your entire business. Provides the right information to the right people.  Helps you make better decisions.
Use Case Example:

With our central theme on usability, Engage is simple yet rich with out-of-the-box functionality. It is easy to use, customize, and integrates with other productivity tools.


Shadoka Navigate enables evaluation, execution, and monitoring of leadership and management capabilities; investments and impacts; operational effectiveness; growth and innovation programs; and mergers and acquisitions.
Helps you create and manage capability/capacity assessments. Provides data analysis for due diligence and opportunity selection. 
Create and manage collaborative programs. With community dialogues and open communications it ensures transparency and program success. Facilities education, training, and mentoring based on program needs.
Analyze progressive and provable results needed to manage and rebalance program/investment portfolios for maximum impact. Creates and manages centralized and template driven dashboards.
Use Case Example:

With our central theme on data driven decisions, Navigate provides companies, non-profits, accelerations, investors, and and program managers rich with out-of-the-box functionality for repeatable succes. It is easy to use, customize, and integrates with other productivity tools.


Shadoka Market enables creation and management of specialized digital communities and marketplaces. It facilitates online sell of products and services; and crowd sourcing.
Helps you publish your product and service catalogues online with offering details, pricing, and promotions.
Facilities sales of goods and services with secure e-commerce transactions.
Publish, evaluate, and select ideas and projects by creating dedicated digital communities.
Enables crowdfunding and social collaboration.

With our central theme on jump starting digital exchange and commerce, Market facilitate all phases of any trade.

Our on-the-go platform can be accessed from any device with minimal data entry. They provide end-to-end solution that eliminates the dependence upon various fragmented technology offerings and custom code.