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Reshma Patel has experience in infrastructure financings, asset securitization, financial consulting, economic research and e-commerce. Reshma helped launch SquareKey, a fashion e-commerce start-up aimed at the Indian market. Prior to that, she worked at various investment banks and a financial advisory firm. Reshma’s primary focus has been structuring bond financings for large city and state governments in the United States. She has helped structure over $35 billion of bond transactions.


In addition to being one of the few experts in City of New York bond financings, she has helped create several new financing vehicles for the City. Reshma worked with the District of Columbia to restructure its debt management practices and receive three rating upgrades post its financial crisis. She helped develop the financial plan for the expansion of the 5th runway at Hartsfield-Atlanta Airport. Reshma also worked on the first municipal tobacco securitization. Since then, she has structured over $18 billion of municipal tobacco securitizations, including the largest to date, the $6 billion Buckeye Tobacco Settlement Financing Authority transaction that raised capital for education projects in the State of Ohio.


Reshma graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Reshma supports many philanthropic efforts. She is a Women’s World Banking LEADer. As a LEADer, she helps support Women’s World Banking’s work in microfinance and visits network member microfinance institutions annually. She is an active member of the Asia Society in New York and has served on the Asia Week Celebration committee. She is a long time volunteer for Sakhi, an organization that provides assistance to victims of domestic violence. She is also one of the founding members of the non-profit theater company Alter Ego Productions.