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We Enable Sustainability for Social Impact Programs

We bring together the frameworks, digital platforms, and thought leadership to fuel social impact programs for development agencies (public, private, corporate). 

Social impact programs are focused on being agents of positive social, environmental and economic change. Companies, governments, NGOs, non-profits, and private entities make investments in local and global social impact programs to support affordable housing, affordable and accessible healthcare, and financial services among others. 


Two of the biggest challenges for social impact focused organizations are: i) how to effectively connect with their target audience and ii) how to monitor and measure the impact of their work.


Our collective offerings accelerate organizations and communities to engage, educate, evaluate, scale, and monitor their programs.

We Create Repeatable Capabilities

  • Prioritize programs

    Prioritize programs based on demographics, interests, and needs

  • Educating program objectives

    Take the pulse of your community by educating about essential program objectives

  • Identify pressing issues

    Bring pressing issues to the forefront; access the hearts and minds of people

  • Aggregate perspectives

    Listen to a variety of perspectives; aggregate the collective voice

  • Mobilize people

    Mobilize communities to take actions with operational and financial strategies and plans

  • Evaluate and monitor

    Efficiently evaluate and monitor performance, proposals and service providers

Our Differentiation

We have been working with diverse organizations such as the Choctaw Nation – the third largest Native American tribe in the United States and the Women’s World Banking – the global nonprofit devoted to giving more low-income women access to the financial tools and resources, to enable their social impact programs.

Our integrated solutions and services are based upon deep domain knowledge and pre-packaged content to jump-start business objectives; a flexible, device-independent, easy to use digital platform; and innovative creative expertise under one offering with a competitive pricing/delivery/business model for our customers and partners.