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We Enable Innovation, Transformation, and Growth

Working with select private equity funds and management consultants, we fuel sustainable innovation and scalability for growing enterprises by bringing together proven managment frameworks, digital platforms, and thought leadership.

An innovative culture that is striving for sustainable growth begins with the organizational attitude of accepting that the world really has changed. And then see how that affects how they work together, their use of time, their plans, and their ecosystems. It’s where the individual meets the organization.


Sustainable growth is a journey, not a destination — meaning that the enterprise doesn’t stop innovating or growing after attaining one goal. It is a continual process of invention, reinvention, and discovery that demands systemic thinking and processes.


We create repeatable capabilities for innovation, scale, efficiency, and performance.

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For greater insight into our assets, read more about our platforms, published books, thought leadership, and watch more videos.

We Drive

  • Sustainable Innovation

    With leadership and management capabilities, organization and culture, business model reinvention, collaborative development

  • Scale and Growth

    With go-to-market strategies, sales, marketing, digital commerce, M&A strategy and integration

  • Operational Efficiency

    With management systems, process improvement, performance measurement, and technology enablement

We Create Repeatable Capabilities

  • Prioritize growth opportunities

    Identify and prioritize growth opportunities through on-going business health check and organizational capability needs

  • Strategic and financial plans

    Co-develop strategic and financial plans to connect the dots between numbers and operations

  • Sales and distribution

    Streamline and optimize sales and marketing, manage customer relationships, enable effective digital commerce

  • Analyze and manage

    Analyze and manage on-going business progress, performance and value

  • Evaluate and measure

    Accurately evaluate and measure financing proposals and associated funding sources

  • Impact measurement

    Perform impact measurement needed to rebalance the overall ecosystem and investment portfolio

Our Differentiation

Our team’s decades of enterprise growth experience come from working with leading global organizations such as GE, PepsiCo, Northrop Grumman, IBM, CSC, MasterCard, French Social Security, JP Morgan, and many others.


Our integrated solutions and services are based upon deep domain knowledge and pre-packaged content to jump-start business objectives; a flexible, device-independent, easy to use digital platform; and innovative creative expertise under one offering with a competitive pricing/delivery/business model for our customers and partners.